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The I Am Many Practice

Are you struggling with chronic depression, overwhelm, anger, fear, confusion, people pleasing, and / or empath, activist, QBIPOC, systemic oppression burnout? Do you need help to understand yourself, your struggles, and this wild ass world to even identify what's going on inside you and what you need? Are you ready to take your life and your work in the world to the next level? Are you ready to feel more in tune, to trust yourself, to lean into your deepest, wisest, most earnest desires -- to have more energy, enthusiasm, and resource -- to rest and find relief, to know peace in seemingly discordant parts of yourself or aspects of your life -- to design a life that is sustainably satisfying, purposeful, and poppin'!??

This is that

Embodied, Mindful, Intergenerationally Therapeutic, Creative Liberation Coaching Council for Change Makers in a Changing World; Restor(y)ing the Multiverse Within through Fractal Liberationist, Deep Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion -- & WE CAN HELP!

Inner Equity Coaching

Inner Equity Coaching

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Our main council & coaching tools include family systems therapy, re-evaluative counseling, D.J.E.D.I development (deep justice, equity, diversity, & inclusion), social emotional learning, meditation guidance, embodiment & somatic healing practices, energy work (reiki and various subtle body healing modalities), tarot readings, creative liberation techniques, various indigenous healing modalities, and ancestral connection.

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